52' 2019 Australia director: Sophie McNeill cinematography: Louie Eroglu ACS editing: Michael Nettleship production: ABC Australia

Almost exactly five years ago, the Chinese authorities finally suppressed the so-called umbrella revolution in Hong Kong. This past summer, after announcing plans to introduce a law enabling the extradition of citizens of Hong Kong to mainland China, the protests began again. The members of an Australian TV crew were among the few to record events as they were heating up. From the protesters’ invasion of the headquarters of the authorities, through a series of flash mobs convened simultaneously in various districts to disorient the police, to the famous blockade of the airport. Through interviews with protest leaders, we learn what role technology played in organizing the protests and what led to the radicalization of their actions. We also learn about the tactics used by both sides of the conflict and what ordinary inhabitants of the city think about them.

U-jazdowski Cinema
6.12 / 16:30
Muranów Cinema, (Gerard)
10.12 / 19:30