Your Turn

93' 2019 Brazil director: Eliza Capai cinematography: Bruno Miranda, Eliza Capai editing: Eliza Capai, Yuri Amaral production: tva2doc

A Brazilian lesson in civil disobedience

Eliza Capai’s dynamic, rhythmic documentary is an insider’s chronicle of protests that took place in Brazil from 2013 to 2018, focusing primarily on school strikes. The director gives a symbolic voice to the younger generation and in particular to students fighting for the right to public education. Nayara, Marcela Jesus, and Koka have their lives turned upside down when they barricade themselves inside their school and, together with fellow students, have to resist the ruthless apparatus of the state. We see the protagonists during their brutally suppressed demonstrations and confrontations with politicians, and also in intimate moments as friendships are born and doubts arise. This remarkable lesson in civil disobedience given by Brazilian pupils was recognized at this year’s Berlinale, where the film won two awards.

Muranów Cinema, (Gerard)
9.12 / 21:00
Kinoteka 4
12.12 / 18:00