Ghost Fleet

89' 2018 USA director: Shannon Service, Jeffrey Waldron cinematography: Jeffrey Waldron editing: Parker Laramie, Elisa Bonora production: Seahorse Productions, Vulcan Productions

The Asian seafood market is a giant global business. But the real price of the shrimp that ends up on our tables is much higher than you might be thinking when reaching for your wallet at the supermarket. The central figure in Ghost Fleet is Patima, a tireless activist who leads a crew of enthusiastic helpers looking for modern-day slaves in the tropical waters off Indonesia. They are people who are forced to work on fishing boats thousands of miles from home. Most of them spend years at sea—never stepping foot on dry land. Patima and her people risk their lives trying to find refugees lost in the jungle, people barely existing, undocumented on the margins of local communities. But only a few of them will make it back home.

Muranów Cinema, (Zbyszek)
7.12 / 18:00
Kinoteka 4
11.12 / 20:30