A performance by Moscow Theater.doc and a debate on the Philippine drug war are just some of Tuesday?s attractions at the 19th WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film festival.

The brutal war on drugs perpetrated by President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has killed thousands of people, mainly by notorious death squads, who eliminate anyone suspected of associations with Manila's drug underground. As is often the case, the victims are mainly people from the lowest social strata and their ties to drugs are often purely hypothetical. The moving documentary "Nightcrawlers" (dir. Alexander A. Mora) reveals the behind-the-scenes of murderers in the service of government authorities, but also shows the real heroes of this conflict - intrepid photojournalists paying tribute to the anonymous victims of a war that Duterte declared on his own people. They are at least partially responsible for limiting the current slaughter.

Film screening at 6:00 PM at Kinoteka. After the show, we invite you to the debate: STOP THE DEATH SQUADS. THE PHILIPPINE WAR ON DRUGS. Participants in the will discuss drugs as a convenient enemy - and human rights violations in the name of combating psychoactive substances.

The artists and actors of Teatr.doc - one of Moscow’s best-known independent theaters will present the "Human Rights Defenders" stageplay at 7:00 PM at U-jazdowski Laboratory. As Pawel Rudniv, a theater critic writes, "In terms of form, Anna Dobrowolska's text is anti-theatrical and this can be both a problem and a value: its structure consists of documentary statements of human rights defenders, arranged in alphabetical order and interspersed with the story of Dr. Friedrich Haass - precursor of the human rights defenders movement, an extremely selfless man and defender of the people. Paradoxically, it turns out that Dr. Haass lived quite near the current seat of the Theater.doc, which is symptomatic and inspirational. There is no accident here - the mission of Teatr.doc gains symbolic justification in this way."


Enjoy the festival screenings in the following cinemas: Muranów, Kinoteka and the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle. Remember to pick up your free tickets the day before or the day of the screening. See you at the movies!