Midnight Family

81' 2019 USA, Mexico director: Luke Lorentzen cinematography: Luke Lorentzen editing: Luke Lorentzen production: Hedgehog Films

Riding in an ambulance in Mexico?s capital

There are only 45 state-owned ambulances on the streets of Mexico City, a metropolis of 9 million people. In this shocking documentary, Luke Lorentzen leaves no illusions about the fact that without private ambulances operating in a legal gray area, the healthcare system would be in ruins. From the cramped interior of the cab, the director tracks the tragicomic fate of the crew of a private, family-owned ambulance and the ethical dilemmas that its members face during a series of midnight rescue operations. Scenes showing insane driving with the sirens blaring, bribes, and scuffles with the police are dramatically interwoven with the stifling nighttime reality of life in Mexico. The documentary power of Lorentzen’s film stems from, among other things, the brilliant cinematography, which was recognized with an award at the Sundance Festival.

Kinoteka 4
6.12 / 21:15
Muranów Cinema, (Zbyszek)
9.12 / 20:30